Beo 1.0

Compact class in PunkAir design

Compact class in PunkAir design

Outstanding flight characteristics that fascinate beginners, advanced pilots and experts alike. Whether acro, soaring or thermal, the BEO performs everywhere.

Technical data:
Wingspan: 2.2 m
Area: 1.0m²
Aspect ratio: 5.5
Cells: 25
Weight range: approx. 0.6 – 1.0 kg
Pilot qualification: A

Despite its small size, the BEO 1.0 convinces with the already legendary CEFICS performance. The glider has a wide speed range for such a small single skin. From standing slowly in the wind to accelerated flying, everything is possible with the BEO. Even with a little wind, when it really starts to be fun on the slope, it still soars nimbly along the edge. Acro manoeuvres are no challenge for the small single skin, but rather a safe routine. At the same time, it is always very easy to fly and never nervous or even twitchy. Like all our gliders, the Sir Edmund 1.0 can be flown with extremely low weight. This is especially good for the climb performance and even light upwinds can be converted into height easily. The glider is aimed at beginners who want to start with a smaller model and appreciate the quality and support of CEFICS, as well as advanced and expert pilots who are looking for a small glider for short fun flights. The BEO is a must for every RC paraglider pilot and anyone who wants to become one.

The BEO, our compact class in PunkAir design