Sir Edmund Race 1.5

Single Skin redefined

Single Skin redefined

“Race” is the name of the game here. The Sir Edmud Race redefines the SingleSkin technology. Probably the most sophisticated SingleSkin paraglider on the market. An allrounder with outstanding performance.

Technical data:
Wingspan: 3m
Wing area: 1.5m²
Aspect ratio: 6
Cells: 32
Weight range: approx. 1.5 – 2.5 kg
Pilot qualification: B

Forget everything you think you know about single skins. The Sir Edmund Race is different! Like its full scale counterpart, the Sir Edmund Race 1.5 is an innovative single skin paraglider with diagonal ribs to reduce the overall line length. The reduction in drag achieved in connection with the thin airfoil and the high aspect ratio significantly contributes to the above-average flight performance. The addition “Race” already indicates it: The flight characteristics are very sporty. Unlike the average single-skin paraglider, the Sir Edmund Race flies very fast and its handling in flight is more like a double-skin or hybrid paraglider. It performs very well against the wind and reacts immediately to the smallest control commands. At the same time, it always offers the safety of a single skin. The Sir Edmund Race is therefore ideally suited for acro flying or high alpine use. At the lower end of the weight range, it appeals even to advanced beginners. Its slim silhouette (aspect ratio 6) and the colour-contrasting diagonal ribs also make it a very special wing visually. Like all our SKYMAN wings, the Sir Edmund Race 1.5 is produced by the original SKYMANmanufacturer; of course with the SKYMAN D10 paraglider fabric. Exclusively at PUNKAIR.

Sir Edmund Race – more than just a single skin!