Cross alps 2.8 Hybrid

Paraglider of the year 2018

One for All

THE high performance glider for everyone. New standards in terms of performance, safety, flight characteristics and handling. The paraglider of the Xalps Team “HUN” 2018.

Technical data:
Wing span: 4.2m
Wing area: 2.8m²
Aspect ratio: 6.1
Cells: 36, thereof 10 single skin
Weight range: approx. 2.5 – 4.5 kg
Pilot qualification: B

Developed for the toughest paragliding race, the SKYMAN CrossAlps 2.8 Hybrid served the Xalps team “HUN” around Pal Takats to test the flight conditions before the athlete took off with the full scale paraglider into uncertain weather. Both the flight performance and the speed range of this paraglider are incomparable. Thus, thanks to the CrossAlps 2.8, the Xalps team HUN was able to gain valuable knowledge about the prevailing flight conditions before the launches. The CrossAlps 2.8 is constructed using our special hybrid technology: A mix of many double-skin and a few single-skin cells. Despite the large wingspan of 4.19m, the high performance glider is extremely lightweight to fly with a take-off weight of only 2.5kg – 4.5kg. At the same time, it has an enormous speed range thanks to the ultra-effective speed bar system. The CrossAlps 2.8 takes off almost as easily as a single skin paraglider and delights with its high performance flight characteristics, stability and thermal performance equally. It can still be flown in winds and turbulences where other paragliders are better left on the ground. The CrossAlps 2.8 Hybrid is a genuine SKYMAN glider, made in the original SKYMAN production from the exclusive D10 fabric.