Sir Edmund 2.5

Simply Relaxing

Simply Relaxing

Our all-round paraglider.
Easy starter with terrific all-round flying characteristics. Its strengths: thermalling, slope soaring and simple acro flying. The scale large model for everyone.

Technical data:
Wing span: 3.7 m
Wing area: 2.5m²
Aspect ratio 5.5
Cells: 25
Weight range: approx. 2.5 – 5.0 kg
Pilot qualification: A

Like the full scale model from SKYMAN, the Sir Edmund 2.5 is a state-of-the-art single-skin paraglider. Despite its size, its gentle flight characteristics and extremely easy inflate and take off behaviour make it a model that even less experienced pilots can handle perfectly. In combination with our pilot Peer XL and the drive set recommended by us, we offer you a scalemodel in a class of its own, which will not be too demanding for you, either on the ground or in the air. The Sir Edmund 2.5 can be flown from 2.5 kg weight in calm conditions. This simplifies the already incomparably easy take-off behaviour even more and allows even less strong pilots to enjoy the pleasure of a really large model. Even when accelerated, the Sir Edmund 2.5 always remains docile and can be adapted very effectively to the prevailing weather conditions with comparatively little weight. This allows the paraglider to be flown in an amazingly wide wind window for a single skin. Like all our SKYMAN gliders, the Sir Edmund 2.5 is produced by the original Skyman manufacturer; of course exclusively with the SKYMAN D10 paraglider fabric.

Sir Edmund 2.5 -our large model for everyone.