CrossAlps 1.9 Hybrid

The one that always flies

The one that always flies

Maximum performance and easy handling. The little brother of the CrossAlps 2.8, the “Paraglider of the Year 2018”. Enormous speed range with maximum flight performance.

Technical data:
Wing span: 3.4m
Wing area: 1.9m²
Aspect ratio: 6.1
Cells: 36, thereof 10 single skin
Weight range: approx. 1.5 – 3 kg
Pilot qualification: C

The SKYMAN CrossAlps 1.9 Hybrid is the little brother of the successful and very popular CrossAlps 2.8 Hybrid. The construction and design are exactly the same as the big brother. The CrossAlps 1.9 Hybrid is constructed using our special hybrid technology: A mix of many double-skin cells and a few single-skin cells. This design allows extreme speed bar travel and maximum flight stability and performance at very low weight. With the recommended pilot Peer L, the glider can be flown even in weather conditions that were previously not possible with paragliders. At the same time it has an extremely wide speed range. The possibility to use enormous speed bar travels increases the flight safety dramatically. There’s no such thing as too windy! Next to its big brother, the CrossAlps 1.9 is our most wind-resistant paraglider. Despite its design as a high performance glider, it is extremely stable and impresses with its ingenious thermal flying characteristics. Even acro flights are not an inconvenience for the glider. Like all our SKYMAN gliders, the CrossAlps 1.9 is produced by the original SKYMAN manufacturer; of course exclusively with the SKYMAN D10 paraglider fabric.

CrossAlps 1.9 – The one that always flies