PICUS 0.08

It wont go any smaller

Crazy little thing

The PICUS is simply a MUST HAVE! Try it, feel it, love it. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple.

Technical Data:
Wing Span: 0,62 m
Wing Area: 0,08m²
Cells: 7
Weight range: appr. 45g
Pilot qualification: A

The AIRC2fly PICUS is an extremely small RC paraglider for indoor use as well as for beginners and young pilots. During development, we placed great emphasis on making flying as easy as possible.

The PICUS is constructed in such a way that it does not need any stiff elements in the glider. It is built from materials that are used in man-carrying gliders.

The model was developed specifically for the Vector Unit Extreme from Graupner. With the small one-hand transmitter MZ4, the PICUS is perfect for flying fun in between. The PICUS can be taken anywhere. There are no space problems. The model, transmitter and accessories all fit comfortably in your jacket pocket.
The PICUS does not require a lot of flying space either. If there is no wind, a large garden will do.

The PICUS was completely developed by Joachim Schweigler, multiple German champion in RC paragliding. It was intended to be an inexpensive, easy to control mini model. Our expectations have been exceeded by far.

The PICUS is simply a MUST HAVE!