Psychohammer 2.8

Insanity has a new name

Insanity has a new name

Without compromise, trimmed for maximum flight performance, the Psychohammer is by far the most sophisticated RC paraglider ever brought to market. A truly unique piece of sports equipment.

Technical data:
Wingspan: 5.0 m
Area: 2.8m²
Aspect ratio: 9.1
Cells: 63
Weight range: approx. 2.5 – 4.0 kg
Pilot qualification: D

The SKYMAN Psychohammer is a remarkable piece of sports equipment which sets new standards in all areas of RC paraglider construction. The design, the material and the manufacturing quality are impressive at first sight and the construction is by far the most complex thing that has ever been brought to market in the RC paraglider segment. The technical data speak for themselves. An aspect ratio of 9 is extreme even in full scale paraglider construction. 63 cells, double-skin 2-liner technology, the Psychohammer sets standards everywhere. Although the Psychohammer is very demanding to fly, it is definitely manageable for well trained pilots. A thoroughly honest wing that gives its pilot clear feedback at all times. In calm air, even casual pilots have a lot of fun with the unique look, the unbeatable performance and the incomparable feeling of flying a Psychohammer. The Psychohammer 2.8 is a genuine SKYMAN glider, made in the original SKYMAN production from the exclusive D10 fabric.

Psychohammer – the peak performer.