Chinook 1.9 Hybrid

Windproof redefined

Windproof redefined

The ultimate storm bird. Whether in the Alps or at the seaside, the Chinook 1.9 Hybrid is ideal if the wind really rocks.

Technical data:
Wing span: 3.4m
Wing area: 1.9m²
Aspect ratio: 6.1
Cells: 36, thereof 10 single skin
Weight range: approx. 1.5 – 3 kg
Pilot qualification: C

Like the CrossAlps 1.9 Hybrid, the Chinook 1.9 Hybrid is a modern high performance RC paraglider that can be used in almost any weather. Both the flight performance and speed range of this paraglider are unbeatable. The Chinook 1.9 is strongly based on the design of our Crossalps and constructed using our special hybrid technology: A mix of many double-skin and a few single-skin cells. Like all our paragliders, the Chinook 1.9 can be flown extremely lightweight, yet it has a tremendous speed range thanks to the extremely effective speed bar system. With the recommended pilot Peer L, the wing can be flown in weather conditions that were previously impossible with paragliders. The ability to safely use extremely large speed bar travels increases flight safety dramatically. Too windy is no longer an issue! Like the entire CrossAlps / Chinook series, the Chinook 1.9 is one of our most wind-resistant paragliders. Despite its design as a high performance glider, it is extremely stable and convinces with brilliant thermal flight characteristics. Even acro flights are not an inconvenience for the glider.

Chinook 1.9 Hybrid – If this one doesn’t work, nothing will.


Chinook 1.9 RC-Gleitschirm Cefics Punkair