The Eagle 1.9

Chrigel "The Eagle" Maurer

Chrigel "The Eagle" Maurer

Maximum performance in the design of 6-time XAlps winner Chrigel “The Eagle” Maurer. Outstanding looks on our most wind-resistant paraglider.

Technical data:
Wing span: 3.4m
Wing area: 1.9m²
Aspect ratio: 6.1
Cells: 36, thereof 10 single skin
Weight range: approx. 1.5 – 3 kg
Pilot qualification: C

Who wouldn’t like to fly the paraglider of the world’s best paraglider pilot, or even call it their own? We proudly present “The Eagle 1.9”, a high performance paraglider in our special hybrid construction. Brilliant glide and climb performance, huge speed range from extremely slow to extremely fast, maximum safety and easy handling with low weight are the outstanding features of The Eagle 1.9. “The Eagle” is the nickname of the world’s best paraglider pilot Christian “Chrigel” Maurer. Did you know that the RedBull Xalps are considered the toughest paragliding adventure race ever? Chrigel has already won the RedBull XAlps for the 6th time in a row in 2019. An incredible achievement! For us a reason to update our proven Chinook 1.9 in the design of Chrigel’s XAlps glider from 2015 and offer it as a very special model. Just like the Chinook, the Eagle 1.9 offers maximum flight stability and performance at a very low weight. With the recommended pilot Peer L, the glider can also be flown in weather conditions that were not possible with paragliders before. At the same time it has an extremely wide speed range. The ability to safely use extremely large speed bar travels increases flight safety dramatically. There’s no such thing as too windy! The Eagle 1.9, like the entire CrossAlps / Chinook series, is one of our most wind-resistant paragliders. Despite its design as a high performance glider, it is extremely stable and convinces with ingenious thermal flight characteristics. Even acro flights are not an inconvenience for the glider.

The Eagle is a real Eagle!


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