Pod Harness

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    The Pod Harness Cefics Freestyler XL is available as single harness and in two SET – versions. Information about the individual SET – contents can be found below on the info button.


    – amazing optics
    – robust, light construction
    – High performance harness

    Scale, robust, light and simply awesome!
    The Freestyler pod harness combines a robust, lightweight construction made of genuine outdoor materials with the distinctive look of a high performance harness.

    – Versatile for many paragliders available on the market
    – Flying with different paraglider types (single skin, hybrid, double skin)
    – Quick release system for uncomplicated flying fun
    – Robust full-scale product for highest demands and requirements

    Technical data:
    Length: approx. 55 cm
    Width: approx. 11 cm
    Height: approx. 16 cm
    Weight: approx. 120 g
    Scale: 1:3.5

    The PunkAir Freestyler systems are part of an innovative product series designed for pure flying fun without strict specifications. Don’t let anyone tell you what “scale” is, or what you are allowed and not allowed to do. Don’t let yourself be restricted to your ideas by strict guidelines. You decide, you are the pilot, you are free and want to try out what YOU feel like. The Punkair PEER XL Freestyler provides you with all these possibilities, is as uncomplicated and versatile as hardly any other flight system and at the same time ultra stylish, well thought-out, versatile and robust.

    The pod harness is the ideal addition!
    A pod harness is used with full scale paragliders to increase performance due to the better aerodynamics. It is used, for example, in cross-country competitions such as the XAlps, or privately in the hobby sector whenever the aim is to utilise the maximum potential of the glider.

    Built from original materials, sewn by professionals who also build full scale harnesses, our pod harness rounds off the top of the Freestyler series.
    It is so well designed that it can be put on or taken off the pilot in seconds. So you can decide at any time whether you want to fly with a motor (e.g. with our Uni Motor Platte, or prefer to fly purely in a glider with our pod harness.
    Of course, the pod harness can be flown with PWS mounting, but also with a conventional carrying bar. The look is always impressively realistic!

    Our pod harness – scale, robust, light and just awesome!

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